The Silent Vibrance

المؤلف Dr. Hussein Kandil
الوصف Gifted photographer, Eve Solace brightens hearts with the shadows in her pictures. The only heart she can't brighten is her own. Orphaned by a tragic fire, she is shy of confronting the world except through her lens. Things change when she encounters her first love, unearths mysterious messages from her past, and discovers a new way to understand the world through lucid dreaming. What follows is a series of experiences that connect Eve with her soul and empower her mind beyond her conscious grasp, or ours. In this fictional tale that reveals the potential of the mind and soul, physician Hussein Kandil takes us on a journey with Eve as she liberates herself through the gift of lucid dreaming, which in returns allows her to escape her inner prison and empowers her to recapture long-lost relationship.
سنة النشر 2019
المقاس 20.3X12.7
عدد الصفحات 207
السعر 45.00 AED